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Active 1D GB

The ACTIVE 1D excitation advance is obtained by a device named, " impulse device ". Its principle consists in storing electrostatic energy present in the Atmosphere at a stormy cloud approach, to release the ascending discharge excitation in good time. This device operates at a stormy activity approach by an integrated sensor which measures the surrounding electrical field value.

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Active 2 D

The operating principle of the Saint Elmo Active2D consists, not only to initiate the upward leader, but moreover, provides enough energy to ensure its propagation until the junction with the downward leader.

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Saint Elmo Piezo

Franklin France presents you the Saint-Elme lightning conductor. It results from the research work conducted with the French Atomic Energy Commission, and is the efficient, inexpensive and clean protection solution, using piezo electric ceramics to transform the wind energy into electric energy

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