Libert Power Sure Panel TVSS

Electric power line disturbances such as high voltage transients can disrupt or damage sensitive electronic equipment — causing a major loss in productivity and money. Liebert understands this problem and offers the PowerSure® Panel Low and Medium Exposure surge suppression systems — the reliable way to keep these power problems from getting into your facility in the first place.

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The ACTVSS is a series connected transient voltage surge suppressor rated for 120VAC or 240VAC, single phase for equipment up to 10 amps.

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Emerson Adapt

Up to 0.8 power matching the characteristics of newest server Compatible with single-phase and 3-phase power network (Self-adaptive) Support parallel operation (maximum configuration is "3+1") without the need of parallel sub rack Super high power density, only 2U height for 4.8 kW.

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Emerson Network Power's Liebert GXT-MT+ features a comprehensive specification, satisfies safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards, and offers intelligent monitoring and network management functions. Liebert GXT-MT+ satisfies your requirements for high reliability and high availability of the AC power supply.

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Inpulse Inverter

Emerson Network Power introduces breakthrough Inverter technology "IN PULSE". IN PULSE is secondary back up source that can substituted conventional diesel generators. It provides hassle free operations as well as freedom from air&noise pollution.

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The Liebert ITON is a line interactive UPS that provides perfect power protection for small office and home office PC systems. This UPS is specially designed for Personal Computer with multi-functions. Its light weight, compact design perfect fits to the limited working environment. The line of UPS is equipped with boost and buck AVR to stabilize input voltage range. It is also built-in with DC start function. This function enables the UPS to be started up without AC power supplied. Although it's a small UPS, it's equipped with Smart RS-232 Communication Port to offer users more benefits. The download software helps users monitor UPS inside status.

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Liebert ITA series

Liebert ITA is a full featured scalable UPS designed to provide long backup time for small computer rooms and network equipment. Using true on-line double conversion UPS technology, Liebert ITA provides high efficiency and reliability with 0.9 output power factor that can power 10-30% more load than other ordinary UPS. This UPS offers fl exibility with parallelable configuration and extended backup time with external battery cabinets.

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The Powerbank Series System is a True on-line UPS System with state-of-the-art IGBT based system. With a Rugged Robust design to provide fit-and-forget reliability and with a capacity of 6 kVA, this one is a workhorse!Powerbank- total isolation of the load from the mains. PDF Download


The Liebert Super 400D is a true on-line sinewave UPS system that provides the user with clean computer grade power for continuous operation of his critical load, regardless of any disturbance on the upstream AC power. The system offers many innovative features to give the user maximum reliability and flexibility at the lowest operating cost. With Liebert Super 400D UPS system, you have complete peace of mind.

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